How to maintain a close connection with your cat

Cats love to be the boss. So, when I first meet with them, I let them do what they have to do to get to know me.

They are royalty, so they must be treated like a King or Queen - and respect their wishes to get to know you in their own way.

Your cat is familiar with you and your home, but a visitor is always an intreguing element to be wary of. They will eye me up, sniff me and swirl around my legs upon first greeting, then they'll ignore me and walk away. All of which is totally fine.

I don't chase cats for their affection. They give it when they are good and ready. And then they won't leave me alone for the stroking and massages they get.

I generally maintain a close connection with your cat, so they don't stray while you are away, by allowing them their space and giving them what they need when they want it.

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